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L'Arche is a treasure in our community of Transcona, their work with those living with intellectual difficulties is a beacon of light to humanity.  

St George's received a letter recently asking for the support of friendship.  They are beginning a 'special friend' program where volunteers meet with a core member and visit for a while, to socialize, go for coffee, have a walk around the mall or other similar activities.  
Friendship and community are beautiful things to share.  If you would like further information please contact Liz from L'Arche through an email here.

With the Anglican Church being in Full Communion with the Lutheran Church we get to do some cool things together.

This is a gentle reminder that in the icy times we have parishioners who are not so steady on their feet.  Please keep the parking spots close to the church free for those who need to park closer to the building.  

Having a blue disabled parking pass is only useful in the city of Winnipeg parking spots.  

At St George's we use a much better system, it is called consideration .  So please consider the needs of others :)

Thank You

This is what the family of the church is about.  I love all the things we do together, I know there are many things that go on outside of the church that have not been mentioned - and that is what makes St George's a fabulous bunch of people to worship with and a great family to be part of.

Again, I say - Thank You

If you can spare an hour on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning from 7:30-8:30, the breakfast club at Wayota school would love to have you help serve breakfast. Pop the bread in the toaster and the kids will love you. It is fun and very rewarding to know that kids are learning better because they are fed!

Also at Wayoata School, any hour on a weekly basis to sit and listen to a child read is a great way to be involved with the young people in our community. The teacher in the classroom chooses the books, all you have to do is listen and support the child in their reading.

Please talk to Rev Helen if you are interested in either program.



2011 marked our 100th anniversary.
Centennial Booklet Can Be Downloaded Here


100th Anniversary Stained Glass Window

Companion Diocese

As part of the World Wide Anglican Communion, Diocese are encouraged to partner with Diocese around the world, to learn and support each other. For many year Rupert's Land Diocese has been in mutual partnership with the Diocese of Central Buganda.

It is a beneficial relationship of friendship and collaboration.

The House of Bishops is one of three "houses" or orders making up General Synod, the chief governing body of the Anglican Church of Canada. The other two houses are clergy and laity. Chaired by the Primate, the House of Bishops consists of all bishops in Canada, including diocesan, suffragan, and coadjutor bishops. The House of Bishops meets regularly and issues pastoral and other statements from time to time. 

Congratulations to:-
Kyra for becoming a mum;
Heather Allan for becoming a grandma;
Pat Allan for becoming a great-grandma;
Muriel James for becoming a great-great-grandma,  
5 Generations of Allan girls!  
Is the world ready?

Kinsley Mary-Lynn Allan
Born March 26th at 1:35pm
Weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces
Sitting at 19 and a half inches long


Sunday Mornings
10:30 am

Coffee served after the Service
all are welcome!

Sunday School
10:30 am (excluding July and August)

Monday Evening:
Contemplative Eucharist
7:00 pm

Annual General Meeting will be held on

February 11th, 2018

12:00 p.m. Start Time

There will be a lunch after our service then back upstairs for the meeting.

Please plan to be there.

If you have a report for the AGM meeting please have it in to Rev Helen ASAP.  Thank you.

Bellringer News: Future issues of the Bellringer are not being considered at this time. Please watch your Sunday bulletin for news of upcoming events, etc.

(available via email, contact our office to subscribe.)

April 8th , 2017
Breakfast at 10:00 am at Smitty's on Regent.  Men, it is the time you bring your signifcant other and share an Easter gift with them.

Church Service at Concordia Place
January 29th, 2017 @ 2:00 p.m.

Four times per year, St George's provides a half hour Church Service for the residents at Concordia Place.  This is an important ministry in our neighbourhood.  If you would like to come and participate, mainly just helping with the singing, you would be more than welcome to join us.

Saturday 2:00 pm on 8th April we will make Palm Crosses at the church
(instructions will be given)

These crosses will go to:-
St James, Beausejour with Dan
Park Manor with Pat
Our Shut-Ins with the Pastroal Care Team 
and Each One of You from us.

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